Will You Be an Optimist?

By Mindy MacLaren

Let’s face it: with the state of our imperfect Union right now, optimism is pretty much the one thing keeping many of us going. Never before have I been so aware of what is at stake…from a global level all the way down to the local level…and I have never seen so many people spurred to try to make a difference, to speak up and out, for the sake of all that is good about our country and our planet.  THAT is optimism (as well as honesty, compassion, and activism).

And that is what The New Penfield Optimist is about, too. TNPO exists to share the good things that are going on in town, to highlight a wave-making individual or organization, to make people aware of opportunities to take part in important discussions that will affect residents, to provide a louder voice for any group or area of town demanding to be heard. And also: to provide an honest and real assessment of things from the viewpoint of our local Democratic Committee.

In order to make TNPO a real voice for the Penfield community, we need to hear from you. In addition to letting us know about events, we’d like to hear from you as to the issues you see as most important, or of concern, in Penfield currently.  Where do you think attention needs to be paid, or what do you see around town that upsets or excites you?

Feel free to reply in the comments section of this blog (below), email us through the Contact page, or comment on our Facebook page.

Thank you for being an active participant. We look forward to hearing from you!

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