Why I Ran for Penfield Town Board

By Tim Murphy

I ran for political office because I really wanted to make a difference. After my unsuccessful run, I still believe that one person can make a difference, especially in local government; that is where it needs to start for most people: the strong desire to answer the call of civic duty and to make our little part of the world a better place!  I was, and remain, very idealistic about society, and politics in general, including what our political system should be. For example, I think we need term limits for local government.

However, some people answer the call because they either want something or owe a favor. I hate that, but I see that it is true.  I wanted to make a statement about what I perceived to be a system where selfishness and single-minded ideology is valued over individual initiative. I want to be known as a common sense moderate: just do the right thing and work to a common goal!


I am not a politician, but rather just someone who cares, without ambition for higher office or of taking advantage of generous public sector benefits, even for part timers!  Sorry if this is perceived as a “rant”, but it is my unfiltered input about why I ran for office.

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