Breakdown of the March 22 Town Board Meeting

By Barbara Power & Mindy MacLaren

The Penfield Town Board unanimously approved extending the moratorium and prohibition of golf course redevelopment for an additional year on Wednesday, during a March 22 make-up session. The special meeting was necessary because the two previous meetings were cancelled because of weather.



Board member Linda Kohl chaired the meeting for Supervisor Tony LaFountain, who was away. In calling the question for Town Law No. 1 2017, Kohl referred the public to the Town’s website for background on the proposed redevelopment for the Shadow Pines Golf Course. She then invited board members to offer explanations for their votes.

Board Member Andy Moore said that a massive 250 to 290 housing development on the site was not in the best interest of Penfield. He said it would entirely change the character of the town, and he was glad for the agreement that underscores his commitment to the moratorium. Board Member Paula Metzler said continuing the moratorium is the right thing to do and complimented LaFountain for his leadership through the process.

The moratorium passed with all four members voting in its favor.

In other action, the board discussed the problem with geese on Woodfield Drive. According to Metzler, the Town will place solar panels around the pond to create lighting that makes the geese feel unsafe, urging them to move to another location. This method is humane, does not involve the use poison or noise. Councilwoman Metzler, referred to this as a “pilot project,” explaining that if this option is successful at deterring geese from nesting in the pond at Woodfield Drive, it will have the potential for use in other areas in town that are affected by their presence.

The Board also approved the bid from Penny Lane Printing to produce program brochures for summer, fall, winter and spring activities as well as a bid to purchase a backhoe so that Penfield down not have to hire subcontractors when it has need of this equipment.

Stephen Ferrara was appointed to the Board of Assessment Review; Harold Mellars was appointed to the Watershed Management Committee, and two new members were appointed to the Penfield Conservation Board for terms that expire at the end of this year.

The next legislative meeting of the Penfield Town Board is April 5, 2017, at 7pm.

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