Political Musical Chairs has Consequences

Edited to add by Mindy MacLaren: As a candidate for office, communicating one’s platform is vital and is the responsibility of the candidate to do in a complete way that voters can understand, to give them enough information to make an informed decision. Although we have seen Republicans explaining to the rest of us what … Continue reading Political Musical Chairs has Consequences

Participating in Penfield: a Challenge

You may recall a blog I wrote this past July regarding Penfield's 2020 Comprehensive Plan, and the Supervisor's request to residents, encouraging them to apply for the volunteer advisory committee. The deadline to do so was Sept. 6, 2017. A member of the Penfield Democratic Committee tried to apply, but was met with a lack … Continue reading Participating in Penfield: a Challenge

Why I Ran for Penfield Town Board

By Tim Murphy I ran for political office because I really wanted to make a difference. After my unsuccessful run, I still believe that one person can make a difference, especially in local government; that is where it needs to start for most people: the strong desire to answer the call of civic duty and … Continue reading Why I Ran for Penfield Town Board

My Years on the Penfield Planning Board or, What I Learned about Local Government

By Barbara Rickman Power In the late 1980s, when I moved to Penfield with my then-husband, two children, and dog, I had my own ideas on how to help Penfield retain the characteristics that made it attractive to us.  I was very willing to share my opinions and observations whenever the opportunity came up during … Continue reading My Years on the Penfield Planning Board or, What I Learned about Local Government