Alternatives to Leaf Pick Up

by Mindy MacLaren It's October, leaves are falling, and residents will be looking to clean up their yards. Each Fall, and to a degree, in the Spring, thousands of bags of leaves and yard debris are put to the curb to be taken to landfills by local garbage service companies. Penfield has already undertaken steps … Continue reading Alternatives to Leaf Pick Up

Political Musical Chairs has Consequences

Edited to add by Mindy MacLaren: As a candidate for office, communicating one’s platform is vital and is the responsibility of the candidate to do in a complete way that voters can understand, to give them enough information to make an informed decision. Although we have seen Republicans explaining to the rest of us what … Continue reading Political Musical Chairs has Consequences

My Comments on the Shadow Pines Master Plan

By Mindy MacLaren I attended last night's public informational hearing on the Shadow Pines Master Plan, designed by BME Associates, and presented by landscape architect, Andrew Spencer. The Town Hall auditorium was full of interested residents and four of the five Town Board members were present. While those who spoke or asked questions after the … Continue reading My Comments on the Shadow Pines Master Plan

Penfield Deserves Proactive Leadership

By Mindy MacLaren As a founding member of the ‘Save Shadow Pines’ group, now known as the ‘Friends of Shadow Pines’, I take great pride in what our grassroots group of Penfield residents was able to do regarding the 211 acre former golf course. We effectively communicated to the public why it should be purchased … Continue reading Penfield Deserves Proactive Leadership

Meet Our Next State Senator from the 55th: Jen Lunsford!

By Mindy MacLaren When I first met Jen Lunsford last November, the thing that most stood out to me about her was her ability to communicate effectively.  She attended the monthly meeting of the Pen Dems and was voted in as a new Committee member that evening. When Jen contributed to the conversation to a … Continue reading Meet Our Next State Senator from the 55th: Jen Lunsford!

Penfield’s 1st Public Library Demolished for Dental Office

By Mindy MacLaren I initially started writing this post in March, 2017, but never finished it, having been waylaid by other commitments. I realize one blog post can't stop the wheels of government, but given what has been lost since then, I'd feel better knowing I had raised an alarm, at least in writing.  Better … Continue reading Penfield’s 1st Public Library Demolished for Dental Office

Look in the Mirror

By Mindy MacLaren Election Day was held two days ago. For me, this is always an exciting day, full of pride in exercising my right to vote and anticipation while awaiting the results. This year was especially meaningful being that it marks the 100th year since women earned the right to vote in New York … Continue reading Look in the Mirror