Penfield Deserves Proactive Leadership

By Mindy MacLaren As a founding member of the ‘Save Shadow Pines’ group, now known as the ‘Friends of Shadow Pines’, I take great pride in what our grassroots group of Penfield residents was able to do regarding the 211 acre former golf course. We effectively communicated to the public why it should be purchased … Continue reading Penfield Deserves Proactive Leadership

Meet Our Next State Senator from the 55th: Jen Lunsford!

By Mindy MacLaren When I first met Jen Lunsford last November, the thing that most stood out to me about her was her ability to communicate effectively.  She attended the monthly meeting of the Pen Dems and was voted in as a new Committee member that evening. When Jen contributed to the conversation to a … Continue reading Meet Our Next State Senator from the 55th: Jen Lunsford!

Penfield’s 1st Public Library Demolished for Dental Office

By Mindy MacLaren I initially started writing this post in March, 2017, but never finished it, having been waylaid by other commitments. I realize one blog post can't stop the wheels of government, but given what has been lost since then, I'd feel better knowing I had raised an alarm, at least in writing.  Better … Continue reading Penfield’s 1st Public Library Demolished for Dental Office

Sensitive Natural Area to be Replaced by Parking Lot: a Call for Action!

By Mindy MacLaren The recent overwhelming response in favor of Saving Shadow Pines from development is proof that Penfield residents care about how development impacts quality of life, including natural spaces. While many of us were focused on the fate of the former golf course, other issues of concern were inching their way toward completion. … Continue reading Sensitive Natural Area to be Replaced by Parking Lot: a Call for Action!

House Hunting in Penfield? Historic Homes Have Much to Offer!

By Mindy MacLaren As residents bicker about the potential development of 255 houses on the former Shadow Pines Golf Course, the final phase of pre-fabricated dwellings...those that are created off-site and arrive as pieces already put together...goes in at the corner of Five Mile Line Road and Atlantic Ave. In the approximate half mile between … Continue reading House Hunting in Penfield? Historic Homes Have Much to Offer!

Drainage Issues at New Development

At each legislative session of Penfield's town board, residents are given two opportunities for public participation: once at the beginning of the meeting and once at the end. So when offered the chance to let the board know their concerns regarding the potential development of 86 Ryan Homes at the corner of Five Mile Line … Continue reading Drainage Issues at New Development

Participating in Penfield: a Challenge

You may recall a blog I wrote this past July regarding Penfield's 2020 Comprehensive Plan, and the Supervisor's request to residents, encouraging them to apply for the volunteer advisory committee. The deadline to do so was Sept. 6, 2017. A member of the Penfield Democratic Committee tried to apply, but was met with a lack … Continue reading Participating in Penfield: a Challenge

Pesticides on Little League Fields

By Mindy MacLaren After my own experience with multiple exposures to agricultural pesticides a decade ago, and the resulting awareness of actually how UN-aware we are as a society to what pesticides truly are (chemicals designed to kill), I've become vigilant in my stance against their use, especially in areas that are frequented by people; … Continue reading Pesticides on Little League Fields

Something to Feel Good About

Those hundreds of Penfield residents who supported saving the property known as Shadow Pines Golf Course should congratulate themselves for making their wishes for its future known and their voices heard. At last night's Town Board meeting, Supervisor Tony LaFountain announced that the  Town has signed a letter of intention to purchase from Dolomite this … Continue reading Something to Feel Good About

Blocked Dem Sites Cause Concern

By TNPO and Erich Van Dussen Members of the Penfield Democratic Committee were recently troubled to discover that access to at least four Democratic websites- representing the people of Penfield, Perinton, Pittsford, and Webster- had been blocked on the Wi-Fi network of the Penfield Library and Community Center. The towns’ Republican sites remained accessible. The cause … Continue reading Blocked Dem Sites Cause Concern