The New Penfield Optimist follows in the footsteps of the┬ánewspaper started and published by the town’s “New” Democrat party in the 1970s, and known as The Penfield Optimist. The original paper highlighted the accomplishments and events of the activist group of Democrats who ousted the established Dems in town, and were subsequently elected to town council in 1971. Irene Gossin was elected town Supervisor as only the second Democrat in Penfield’s history; she was also the last.

Surprisingly, the percentage of Democrats versus Republicans in Penfield is roughly equal, yet many people don’t know that the Penfield Democratic Committee exists!

The intention of The New Penfield Optimist blog is:

-to provide a voice to the history and accomplishments of Democrats in Penfield,

-to raise awareness of the current party’s causes and events,

-to offer balanced insight into community issues,

-to highlight people, places or activities of local interest.