Something to Feel Good About

Those hundreds of Penfield residents who supported saving the property known as Shadow Pines Golf Course should congratulate themselves for making their wishes for its future known and their voices heard.

At last night’s Town Board meeting, Supervisor Tony LaFountain announced that the  Town has signed a letter of intention to purchase from Dolomite this 440 acre parcel situated to the northwest of the Four Corners. Thanks go to the Town Board for listening to their constituents and to the suggestions made by the resident Moratorium Committee.

While a referendum needs to be held to determine what happens next, this is definitely something to feel good about and more inspiration to continue fighting for the Penfield we want to live in.

A sand trap set against several evergreens at Shadow Pines, most likely planted by an Odenbach family member. Photo by Jeff Burns.


Please read the post below from the Save Shadow Pines Facebook page written by Jeff Burns for more information:

“Big News — the Town of Penfield has signed a letter of intention to purchase Shadow Pines from Dolomite!

Supervisor Tony LaFountain made the announcement at tonight’s Town Board meeting. He said that there are still a number of conditions to work through before a purchase agreement is signed. After more progress is made on these issues he said additional information will be provided on the Town website.

Keep in mind that Tony has said that any purchase agreement will be contingent upon a bond issue vote by the town’s residents. This referendum will be held at least three months after the purchase agreement is signed.

An old broker I knew way back when used to caution me that in real estate deals “there’s a lot that can happen before the wine meets the lips,” so we need to stay engaged. We also need to discuss the best uses for this wonderful open space and its historic buildings, review the Moratorium Committee’s recommendations, and prepare to help convince our fellow townspeople that the purchase of Shadow Pines is in their best interests and something that will be appreciated by future generations.”

-Jeff Burns, 2013 Democratic candidate for Penfield Town Board & a founding member of the Save Shadow Pines resident group.

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